Wednesday, February 21, 2007



Monstu said...

For those of you not interested in, or capable of, looking up the definition of the word of the day.

Cyprido-Cyclophobia: The abnormal and persistent fear of contracting venereal diseases from a prostitute on a bicycle.

Shaggz, I don't know how persistent this fear of yours is but I can't imagine that it is abnormal. Everyone is afraid of pedal powered puntang plague.... or they should be.

Shaggy Bob said...

Amen Bruther,
Pedal Powered Puntang Plague...masterful use of alliteration by the way. Me thinks I'm scared.
When you get to the 'Dirt this Spring we'll try to find her take a parting snapshot for when I make my way out of the festering boil on NY's Ass that is Schenectady.