Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Something Weird happened to me....

Suprise suprise, once again something unexpected has changed my perspective. It's not a life altering event, but it did make me smile and look at food in a different indecisive light...I actually laughed at it.

Today is Wednesday, I decided that since I have to boil water for everything, that I would create a spectacular dinner of Turkey Sandwiches...4 or 5 of them will definitely go down as a decent meal. I went to the Ghetto Chopper, didn't see G-Unit or Thugs McStreet-Pharmacist. Just food shoppin', no people watchin'.

Healthy meal on bread!?....I grabbed some deli Turkey to the tune of 2lbs (that should be enough). Mayo...none of that Miraclewhip bullshit, straight up Helmann's artery cloggin' wooooo!!! I couldn't decide on cheese, so I went for a three cheese combo, then purchased an assortment of veggies: sprouts, peppers: green and hot, tomatoes (even though I think they're poisonous), pickles, black olives, cucumbers, red leaf lettuce, a rare find vidalia onion, then some rasberries to make the gargantuwiches that much more healthy for my weak- boring- diet. I stood infront of the bread arena trying to choose my gladiator for quite a long time and eventually went for the 12 grain. Bonus bread for a bonus 5 sandwiches. {That's where the unexpected was the bread]. I had a difficult time deciding between the 12grain and pumperknickel...why you ask? A Gargantuwich needs a little something extra to make it the monster that it should be. Ultimately the 12 grain won out.

When I returned home I began the preparation, I cleaned off the cluttered kitchen table bare and arranged my inventory to systematically with the least amount of labor create my sandwiches. Everything was ready to rock when I opened the bread, it seemed to be a normal loaf of 12 grain bread. Not so. As soon as I removed the first end cap it turned out to be a pipe bomb, hidden inside my loaf was the completely unexpected find of an undecided lifetime.....I'll elaborate.

Imagine a tic-tac-toe board, Apply that image over a standard 12 grain slice of bread, now imagine that the top 6 squares are 12grain bread...moving slowly to the bottom three squares imagine that the entire bottom left hand square, marbling to the right back to 12 grain is none other than pumperknickel bread. How does this happen? Me thinks it an automated FUBAR that makes me happy, unless some baker somewhere inadvertantly decided to suprise the first person that couldn't make up their mind as to whether to use 12grain of pumperknickel for a gargantuwich was to get the best of both worlds.

SCORE!!!!! I now have 7 'wiches loaded to the point of un-eatability (Cuz they're massive) on Pumperknicka12grain bread. I doubt the sandwiches could taste any better, even if someone else made them for me.

I didn't even have to boil water.....someday I'll step into the technical world and get a digital camera so that I can actualy download pics of the finest creations I can mustard.

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Monstu said...

Boo evil tomato...
Hooray 12 grain pumpernickel!!!