Monday, February 19, 2007


Take a look at headlines and You'll see why. England's Prince Harry, third in line for the throne of Britian is going to war in a patriotic act of selflessness. Our Country >Bald Britney Spears getting tats and a Dead Playboy Playmate that has 6 dudes claiming to be the father of her youngest child over her embalmed corpse. We rock....Go Team America....F*ck Yeah!!! Comin' to save the Mutha-F*ckin day yeah!
OH YEAH....We have this waste of oxygen too!

I'm moving to Belize.


Kate said...

But if we oust The Hasshole, Germany will take him. They're obsessed.

I always wondered about Germany.

Shaggy Bob said...

They can have him...I'm not FarFrumPukin'