Monday, June 4, 2007

Double standard in my Melon

I'm torn by thoughts that I've had lately while rifling through headline from across the country. I don't necessarily think I'm a bad person just a bit off when it comes to certain things. Perhaps it's gender biased. Practically everyday somewhere in our country there is a headline that includes a teacher having inappropriate contact with a student. I can't stop myself from reading the articles in their entirety and thinking one of two things, and this is where I I have issue.

Ex. A highschool male chemistry teacher has sex with a 17yr old girl, my immediate response "This slime ball needs to go to prison and get taken advantage of...public enemy no. #1, this dude needs to be put away for being such a douche".

Ex. A highschool female chemistry teacher has sex with a 17yr old guy, my initial response " Way to go kid, this teacher needs to get a life, but hell WAY TO GO DUDE (insert high-five)"

17 is 17 no matter how you look at it, and the law states that both are pedophiles (except in banjo country), illigally seducing minors for some sick twisted reason. But there is a double standard in my mind.

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