Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pop culture and LA wrongness

If I happened to get a DUI and shirked my responsibility to follow the protocall of our grand legal system opting for another jaunt in my F-in Beamer straight to a much televised "boo F-in Hoo" because of a 3 days stint in the pokey eating hotdogs and bologna sandwiches in a 12x8' cell all by my lonesome. It would be safe to say that my time in the pen would be full of bitch acts of self degredation for protection. Not so on the West Coast apparently and definetly not for the Richie Rich. Coined by my Fav. Monstu "THAT'S SUPER BULLSHIT!!!!" (4 exclamation points, 4)

G.E.D Hilton, given an anklet for home school in her mansion, asked not to leave for 40days...WTF. Throw a ripper and invite the appelate judge....Crystaal hottub dip, eh? "Anybody" normal person: on the planet wouldn't get it that easy. Speculation that she developed a medical condition...a rash? like she hasn't had an itchy scratchy before. Get a penicillan shot you worthless bird. If she developed a mental game for the exudus...take her to the loony bin and sraightjacket her.

It is my HOPE, that she decides in her infinite wisdom to leave the grounds of of her Hollywood Hills mansion for a soy latte at a local coffee shop and is snagged by the Feds.

Does she have a stylist, seamstress on hand that owns a bedazzler so she can pimp her anklet and bling it out?

I'm getting hammer tonight after work and driving around on the Paris fackin hoo officer. Don't make me suffer the indignity of staying behind bars for anything more than 78hrs.

This message was brought to you by TNT, not the explosive kind, the tasty kind!

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