Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Apparently there is talk that some of the residnets of Vermont are again petitioning for the state to become it's own sovereign nation. Seceding from the US wouldn't hurt many feelings unless you're a fan of VT pure maple Syrup. I think they should get on their horse...that way we can jack their Import Oil Taxes, put up a wall to keep them in the mountains, declare war on the hermits and invade...thus occupying their sovereign nation to replenish the US's Need for yummy maple Syrup goodness. Then their Microbrews could be just as expensive as the rest of the countrys'. International travel at down home costs. I want Duty on that border patrol, got milk? NO?... you can go back to your farm then. I only say this cuz I bet Mach's General Store in Pawlet VT could use the foreign tourists money. It's the only place I've seen that has an ATM machine that gives currency in multiples of (5). 5, 10, 15, 20.......$40. It would also make it hell on the leaf peepers from NYC, they would have to plan a month in advance to get their passports.

Vermont, where you can be held accountable for invading international airspace by flying a kite from my parent's backyard. What would their new Country flag look like...... would they have the design Gurus at Ben and Jerry's work on it? Would they allow Poultney to exist within their borders or give'm the boot relegating them to Hamptonite status?

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