Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I was able to snag a few hours of sleep last night. Actually..... my body shut down at 4am and I slept until 4pm. Sleep is not over-rated. I used to think it was but I'm older and not even close to being wiser...being older is reason enough. Hopefully I won't ever have a relapse into the same mode I was in for the last three days, that just sucked, hardcore sucked.

3 days from now the month of "exhaustively busy" begins with a jaunt to Somers CT. Vinnie BAg'O New House. I can't wait to travel more than the truck needs and get my rockstar mojo going to exponential proportions. I refuse to wear leather stinky pants though.

I'm 3/4's of the way prepared for the studio session.
I'm thinking of buying a new suit or a dirtbike, I can't decide which I would use or need less.
There a yottle in my bottle and I can't get it out.
Aquafina bottle water isn't as good as Vermont Pure.
An 32" LCD flatscreen TV is within reach.
I have nothing but beverages and condiments in my fridge.
Laundry is optional given the heirarchy of smell test and basic lack of care as to whether there are bleech stains or pasta sauce on shit.
It's balls stuck to the leg hot today.
My neighbors are non-existant but that doesn't give me the right to get my paper after walking down the hall of my Apt. building in tighty whities and a wife beater, again.
I'm shedding like a dog.
Tonight is goign to be a boring evening at the GAzette.

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