Thursday, June 21, 2007

Todays Randomness

Todays Randomness is once again brought to you by MAC DERMID: Printing Solutions, NAPPflex III printing plates. The word: LACERATION lac·er·a·tion Pronunciation: las--r-shn Function: noun 1 : the act of lacerating, 2 : a torn and ragged wound, and the number 5.

Someday I will be more careful while playing with 1.5mm aluminum plates that have edges honed to surgical sharpness, today I just threw caution to the wind and did the disco hustle. ah, aah, aah, oww, aaaaahh...Stayin' Alive

And for your viewing pleasure Jesus in a tree trunk......

.....cuz if a fake diety were to be anywhere, it's in a GOD damned tree trunk in Tennessee. O'Darwin RULZ!!!!

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