Thursday, June 21, 2007

Making the CUT

Today I arrived at work to a solemn bunch of MoMos milling about in a daze. Of course being the guy that I am..I was fairly chipper and laughing away joking a fair bit and completely oblivious to what apparently was going on. My immediate design supervisor approached me upon my entrance in the building and offered me a smoke....( strange I thought, but since I'm trying to quit the ol lung darts it was a good reason to put that off for a bit.) we chatted for a short time and then she said that "I'm safe"... I haven't played baseball since Jr. High, and I'm usually more prone to play wiffle-beer....which basically amounts to if you didn't spill your beer running to first base you are definitely safe.

I found out that the Gazette was in the mood to save some cash money, and they decided the best plan of attack for that would be to lay people off. 12 in total were let go today. Total years of service for the Gazette spread amoungst them was just shy of 200yrs. I'm humble I've only been here for 1 1/2yrs and yeah...I do nothing of great importance, never have a full plate, and spend the majority of my down time trying to find the end of the intarwebb. I'm still a bit shocked that they would axe someone that was with the company for 28yrs much less all the other peeps. My direct over-all super supervisor hasn't made his way to work yet so an impending life change may still be in the cards. I'm apprehensive, a bit nervous.... and not too sure of what is going to happen. SO, perhaps it's time to hop on the old 10 Museum job websites again and scatter the "over qualified" resume to entry level openings across the conuntry, once again.

If you know of any opening in Musuems or non-profit institutions around your neck of the woods (exhibition Coordinator, Registrar, Preparator, Assistant Director, Collections Management) send the info along and you may have a new neighbor in the coming weeks. (It just sucks that I finally moved in to a place that I can finally call home)

I can see some serious bruxism for the next few evenings.

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