Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Responsibility

After last weeks culling of the not so recently hired, I'm back at work and have been told that since there is a shortage of people for certain positions now.... I'm going to be training to become a Paginator. If you don't know what that is, don't's a fancy way of saying "take this comp. file and place it on this page in this program so that nothing else moves or looks shitty for the paper, rinse and repeat as necessary for that healthy pro-vitamin glow." It's a job that my supervisors are doing now for way more cash than I'm paid...and perhaps down the road I'll be able to slip into that role and the higher tax bracket.[Either here at the Gazette or for some other publication in the area] It's a good thing basically. It pads the resume, could be a direction that would move me up in the heirarchy and or make me more marketable, of course it's just about as boring if not more than what I'm doing now.

This weekend was pretty lame on the rockstar scale, and wouldn't even make it into the Top 100 weekends of Shaggy's All Time Monkey Fun list. I did however get ahold of some gesso and started priming my panels for the installation. To properly get the base down on the panel it only takes about 10 coats of the gesso, give or take. I finished one of the four and it only took a combined time of 9hrs, I staggered the others in between coats and did this poorly planned rotation thing to keep myself occupied while the previous coats of ground were drying. It actually puts me just over 1/3rd of the way to being able to start the design aspect of the piece. ( It's going to be a minimal composition, but that means that more thought has to be put into the finished design instead of relying on my tried and true method of sliding around hap-hazardly and hoping for the best. abstract check!). I'm still toying with the idea of using Lapiz Lazuli, something about that blue really does it for me specially wih the gold flecks.

The wedding season is on the doorstep, the month of July is booked. I'll be able to get out and travel when August gets here. Maybe even get out on a course and use my severely neglected golf clubs. They're gathering dust, and are a little bit pissed off at me.

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