Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ShaggyBob's Self-Help hints of the Moment

When living in an Apartment building that only houses 8 individual units. It's a safe bet that when you run into your upstairs neighbor for the first time. (the one that is constantly being mindful not to thunderstomp or create auditory chaos above you) that you try to seem pleasant. Especially if said upstairs neightbor = Me, is being sociable and asking if there have been any instances where it was a bit too loud or unaccomodating informing you that he is willing to take steps to not cause any undue stress in your life. If you yourself choose to be an incompatible bitch and your hubby hasn't the slightest bit of ambition for a courtesy handshake, you may not like the next arrival of your upstairs neighbor or his Marilyn Manson blasting off at 4am when he returns from work, the head banging, or the bouncing around that may ensue. (My World is an Ashtray, and you're not going to enjoy the Sweet Dreams). Hop on the bandwagon and follow the example of the other 6 Apartment dwellers in the building, put on a happy face even if it's fake.

I'll refrain from becoming That Guy but only until the second meeting, at which point if the hospitality doesn't turn itself on, all bets are off. Be kind, and I won't knock on your door at 2am after a night out on the town and ask you for a burrito.

Second hint of the moment, it's better to shit yourself than use anything even remotely like this.......

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