Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ShaggyBob's Self-Help hints of the Moment

After re-reading my post about the ShaggyBob School of Attitude Adjustment (Of which I am extrodinarily proud by the way...yet still no calls for help) I decided that there are many people out there that could benefit in various ways by modeling my life. So In addition to "Todays Randomness", which by now you have noticed is fairly random. I will also be adding "ShaggyBob's Self-Help hints of the Moment"

ShaggyBob's Self-help hint of Moment:
Watching your weight:

Should you yourself want to become 6'1" and weigh 160lbs look emaciated, skeletorish and severely goonie. Here's how I do it. I eat two good sized meals a day, I eat whatever is put or cooked in front of me. I'm not bashful...every meal I eat until I think I'm going to explode...then stuff in some more until it pains me for hours. If it's greasy or not it's not a big deal....eat a shit-ton of food! Inbetween these gastronomic feats of self indulgence I snack very frequently on candy, granola...and small sandwiches, chips..,rodents and anything else that strikes my fancy at that particular moment.

I only drink Water, Coffee, Beer, Wine and Booze. Occasionally I treat myself to Iced Tea. That being said, in addition to the ginormous set of meals pounded down like a starving third world urchin, each weekend tack on at least 2 cases of beer. It doesn't have to be in one sitting although I've tried many times. The quality of beer has nothing to do with the slimming effects of the diet. Light beer just means tacking on an additional 12 or 24 to the grand total for the weekend.

Exercising regularly is a sure fire way to keep off the weight, here's my daily workout: I wake up....I lug the donkey in to pee, I shower, I cook, and I do nothing else...save for the times I'm sitting on my ass watching the tube, or reading a trashy book/magazine/gumwrapper/ some damned bill.

Getting enough sleep is paramount, I tend to go to bed around 5-5:30 am (of course that's due to my work schedule, we have to abide by the rules of the money God and trudge to work everyday) I'll usually sleep until about 2-2:30 in the afternoon unless I feel like keeping my eyes closed and could quite possibly at that point sleep until 5-5:30 in the evening until I have to get up for work. Stay rested...I find that in order to keep myself in the rugged shape that I'm in and not lose any sleep over it I stretch out for about 9-10hrs a day.

It works for me....why shouldn't it work for you. Oh and having a metabolism that puts the efficiency of a nuclear powerplant to shame doesn't hurt either.

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