Friday, June 29, 2007

Yet another weekend approaches

It's high time that another glorious weekend is soon to be in full swing. This weekend will be the beginning of my tsunami month of July. It all begins tommorrow morning at 10am (an ungodly hour for the likes of this guy). Armpits @sshole crotch and teeth, a cup of coffee and then I hit the road for CT. Panini and keggy weg for lunch followed by a relaxing evening trying to find the bottom of the barrel. It's only a 2hr jaunt so making it back for the July30th-4th of july party at 3pm on Sat shouldn't be a difficult task. When I arrive back at the homestead and once again cleans the necessities, I'll nap for an hour, wait for my ride to Spanky's lounge and then jump balls deep into a swimming pool filled with ice and beer. After the deep freeze when the light passes over the horizon, Spanky's Lounge's patriarch will be unleashing hellfire and brimstone to the tune of 4k worth of loud, and bright aerial fireworks. The asshats I arrived with and I will then retire to the tikibar and imbibe tasty cool beverages from coconuts until sunrise.

Be back Sunday, listing to the right 30 degrees and unable to type coherantly.

.....after 12 coats of gesso each, and an inordinate amount of time I'm finally ready to get creative with my bad self. Above are the panels ready for paint. To help judge the scale, I've left a size 11 1/2 Adidas trail runner at the bottom right and the outlet to the left is standard. Since I'm leaning toward minimal most of the background white isn't going to change. Once I've finished and allowed the piece to dry and the varnish to set, and install it, I'll post a few more pics. It won't be for some time...I can't focus in on a decent composition. The quality of the pic, and the "not quite settled in the new place lighting" sucks, I apologize for that.

If it looks alright, via the principles of asthetics and design, I'll be trying to compose similar pieces to generate a body of work worthy of public display. Emo my shit silly and whore myself out to the 5th gallery that is interested in selling it for me. As far as self promotion goes, once the majority of a body of work is completed....I mass email the 300artists that I regularly keep in touch with from my stint as Exhibition Coordinator and Sales Director at the Southern Vermont Arts Center. I've hinted to colleagues that I'm ready to produce and have gotten warm reception from venues in VT, MA, and Upstate NY with allusions to name dropping and personal contacts for others. A possible birth in the near future?!. Hear-say, conjecture...and possible blowing of sunshine.

It's taken me 8yrs to get motivated, and have a space large enough make it possible. F*ck that Noise!


Kate said...

Enjoy the asshats, and produce away!

moe.L said... when you want to whore...remember when when you are a wealthy whore...and help me whore my whore ass out too...

Shaggy Bob said...

The Whore trifecta is now in play... done and done my good lady!