Sunday, December 9, 2007

Friday and the end of weekness

It had shaped up to be just another boring weekend at the Oasis, until my bonus checked arrived via rubberband man at work on Thursday. Since I had a bit o extra cash burning a hole in my wallet I decided that a trip to outlet/mall/wastemoneyville was in order. Friday morning I awoke to the usual alarm clock flinging that only gets the clock far enough out of my reach on it's cord tether that I had to get up and turn it off. 10am...wicked "need more coffee than usual early". I traveled to the Comic Depot in Greenville Center NY, followed by a short trip to the Wilton Mall. D was at the shop and I was able to chat for a few hours, ad the mall went swimmingly despite the chaos, and I go all of my holiday shopping finished with relatively no pain what so ever. As I was leaving the Toga, passed Lowe's... I decide to see if the Waldo was working, he was. It was the end of his shift so we ventured to have a few beers before I had to head back toward the 'dirt.

When I returned home I tried valiantly to wrap all the goodies, I'm poor at this wrapping paper stuff. SO, what would any red blooded american do faced with such a daunting task? Yup, my thoughts exactly, add 20 or so oat sodas and the process should get easier right? I now have holiday gifts balled up in lime green paper surrounded by copious amounts of packing, duct, and scotch tapes. Half the fun is watching someone when they open a gift that you've thought long and hard over, the perfect little something to brighten their day. I get to watch this in super slo-motion with a healthy sound track. (Good luck to anyone that gets into the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop in less than 20minutes.)

Saturday had me nursing a pretty healthy bout of the day afterness, but I managed to spend a shiite ton of cash at the grocery store restocking the shelves in my pantry for the inevitable Frankensteiner break down that puts my bank account in the red again. I watched the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy, and basically festered.

Sunday afternooner I was visited by Vinnie Bag O' Donuts and we powered down a turkey bird prior to me heading to work.... I'm turkeyed out, sitting infront of my computer and ready for a nap. Over all I give the weeeknd a 6 out of 10, plus 2 for running into a bunch of folks that I don't see on a regular basis. 8 out of 10 ain't half bad if you ask me. Strippers would have put it over the top, but I gave that idea the slip once I opened the first beverage.

This week should be less crazy, we'll see what's what when it gets to it.

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