Sunday, December 16, 2007


Miss Kate, Willem, Jacob and Emily thankyou for a fantastic evening up yonder in what is now the snow belt of death. I had tons of fun. Slim's was awesome, until Gremlin mcSketchy rained on the parade. I'm sure that Willem can agree with me here in saying that there's something magical about gianormous circus boobs and their progression with each additional beverage/bar, and shift change. "Circus Boobs"

As expected, the weekend was an adventure, Nor'easters can indeed suck it. After getting my keys out of the truck where I conveniently locked them Friday evening I headed off to see J and B, they've just purchased a couple of cabins on a good sized plot of land. When I first tried to locate their new digs, I didn't understand that they do live in the midde of Nowhere NH. If you are driving on RTe 202 it's just a 45minute drive from East BahJesus Junction, turn at the logging trail, signal an SOS with your horn launch a flare and then keep going just a bit farther. Had some great foods and some bevvies. Thank you as well for the hospitality, and the circus boobs in Concord. This is where it gets a little strange.

I made up my mind in a pretty rapid manner that I wanted to beat the "Storm" home so I loaded up the frankensteiner and left J & B's place at about 2am. I'm a big deal, usually I make better time in the wee hours of the night. Not so much this time around. The Nor'easter was earlier than expected, and the weather reports I was judging my flight on were skewed. I had been under the impression that 6am was the kickoff. Had that been the case I would have made it home prior to the real nasty stuff. I; of course, was mistaken and at 2:00:12 am I began what was to become my extended 12hr sojourn back to the Oasis. I managed to get lost a bunch of times, it really wasn't my fault everything was white. I won't bore you with details, Although I do realize why people say they're shattered tired now. A little nap every 30hrs or so is a hum-ding'er of a great way to spend some quality time searching your eyelids for holes. By the time I reached my place it was just after nooner. I couldn't see straight, think straight, and My body wanted to shut down, so I napped a few hours and then meandered in to the office for a long evening.

It probably wasn't the brightest idea to leave a nice warm cabin at 2am to bomb through a snowstorm.

I can't think, I'll have o continue the post at another time.

HAPPY B-DAY lil Mac!!


Kate said...

If only you had a warm, hand-knitted hat to protect you from ominous storms.

Glad you came out, and glad you made it home safe. Good luck with the thinking!

Shaggy Bob said...

Lost the last reply somewhere, so thank you for the nice warm hat. It was perfect for the Vroooom, vroooom home, while I had my head hanging out the window like a woof woof, during the Swoosh, howl, crunch crunch of blizzardy goodness. Frozen wiper blades and all.