Wednesday, December 5, 2007


In light of recent events, I've once again decided it might be in my best interest to search for a new vehicle. I do have the Funtruck back in my posesssion now, and other than a bit of softness in its braking ability Frank should be good to go for another run at breaking down for good.

I'm looking at a few choices and welcome the input.

Rubicon Unlimited?


FJ Cruiser?

Subaru Forester?

Stick with my main man, the one that got me from A top B for the last 4yrs?
THE Frankensteiner

Obviously the steadfast factors of price and other nonsense apply.


Kristi said...

I'd hold out for spring and then look at the Cruiser or the Forester. Do you think you'll get the idiots to pay for the damage done?

Timmy Z said...

I agree with Kristi. Let Frank get you thru the winter, and then look. FJ or Rubicon could be good choices, and there def ain't nothing wrong with a Forester. I'm hoping to be looking this spring as well... IF my company had a good year and treats me right :-)

Shaggy Bob said...

Screwhead/Momos will be paying for the damages. Plus they get the extra Xmas Bonuses. Attorney summons, Corporate slap in the face and better business Bureau review. It's about time I got to do the fisting with my gorilla sized mitts.