Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The truck is still impounded at the G-ville repair shop. I'm coming down with a cold (apparently the old drink enough gin to be pickled trick for killing any virus is null and void) and the frosting comes to you directly from the Workplace.
Last evening I was joking with my supervisor, and he qiuped that I would be running the show today. Har dee har har har. I chuckled knowing full well that I'm neither prepared nor and I able to do the specicif jobs in a timely and uber correct manner yet. (mostly due to the fact that the Handbook for proper operating procedures and the indexed section for trouble shooting is, well, non-existant) Official training=> nope. Learned the position while i was performing my other duties putting in extra hours for ridiculosity. I have notes scribbled on index cards and post-it notes outlining everything that the position requires. It's like I was studying for an Art History test on Cimabue, and other Early Italian Renaissance painters, only I don't give a flying fuck about the subject matter here as a Gazeteer.

I arrived at work early to check the old email and realized that the old man wasn't kidding around. Tonight is the first night that I'm ultimately responsible for the only product that the company produces. Three editions of newspaper that has a deadline of 2400 hrs. More pay to pad the wallet, not so much.... still looking for a job that follows it's job description as stated when hired you bet your ass. So this evening while running the show and paginating the paper, uploading all info to the website, and generally being a superfly TnT pissed of Mofo, I get to continue to do my other assigned responsibilities. I'll be spending free time away from the servers and 8 other systems to complete the 3hrs of editing for thecomics and puzzles that need to be done, toning photos and designing advertisements for paying customers that aren't going to get my full attention.

I've already blasted through 6hrs of overtime this week, and was notified that I have to take the time in comp hours WTF is that shiite.

Happy Holidays everyone... I'm half empty right now, and that glass needs to be filled at somepoint. Maybe it's time to test the mettle, and get some bubbling done on my dinner break.

Addendum: I've gotten word on the Frankensteiner and not only did I dodge the bullet by way of some serious stunt driving, I only got whacked for a grand worth of damage. Yeah only 1000bones worth of Screwhead making my ride a hunk of more disgruntled junk. Thanks for balancing my tires!!!

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