Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Mal-wart fortunes

Some people don't like Wal-Mart, some people think it should be run out of existance. I think of it in a different light. They provide jobs to people that would otherwise be left in the dark, they sell on the cheap, they always have stock, and where else are you going to see the real "winners" in society at 3am? Wally-world!

I also have applied to become part of the team which will be moving into the; yet to be constructed, Crystal Bridges Art Museum. They are looking for a "dynamic individual" (with my entire skill-set included). The thing that would make some people cringe at the opportunity of me getting a new job are the ones who hate Wally-World. The museum is slated to open in 2010, it'll have a gianormous collection of American art, provide traveling exhibition spaces, have a theatre and conference facilities, performing art spaces inside and out, a comprehensive sculpture garden, museum store, eatery, and bring big time art to rural North Western Ark.

The benefactors, purchasing some well known pieces from all over the country and the holders of the existing permanent collection are the Waltons (Walmart founders) The home base for wally-world is just down the road. Me.. I don't care. If I can buy socks, a TV and a 1lb bag of coffee and a fresh bagel all at the same place, and they indirectly give me a job opportunity, I'm in "I support wally-world"

Wally for president.

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