Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Great News everybody!!!

As per the new position at the Gaz, I will work ??? 6 hr shifts, ??? 8hr shifts, or it could be ???12hr shifts, I may have to start at 3pm, or perhaps 6pm. They might even throw a 5'er in there. And it all boils down to what ever the hell they decide. SO, I may have a 3 or 4 day weekend, I may have to work weekends, I might just work my regular schedule,"the one I've grown accustomed to for the last 2 yrs". At least I know that it'll be at night, cuz fuck daylight, I'd rather work a Friday around Happy hour and Saturday night anytime. Never have anything to do then, nothing ever......

My computer keys and the room are rank with the smell of sarcasm, disdain, and lamenting abhorance. I'd love to post more, but I have to work tommorrow at a different strange time and I may, or ..........may not have a few extra hours to kill. This week it all depends on when they need me the next day.

I've pulled the pin and I'll let this sucker cook off for a lil bit before I toss it.


Kristi said...

That sucks Bob, so they won't give you a schedule? Is this a long term thing?

Shaggy Bob said...

I'll post percentages once I know...It shouldn't be long, i also have a great baseball analogy to toss into themix..i just need to find the time. I'm knee deep in Obituary programing right now.