Friday, December 7, 2007

Would you like to

Every thing electronic that I touched....scratch that, everything having to do with the technological inovations of man that I came in contact with this evening, sputtered and fell apart, quit, froze, made hissing noises and shot hydrolic fluid and or, generally didn't respond to the stimuli I decided to press upon them.

The main frame, went down as soon as I walked into the building, the harris system fried while I was working on the Obituary reports and page (If you have never seen a really sad/irate person, try telling someone that the obituary for their loved one that just cost them 3g's is not going to run in the paper due to a computer glitch). The Olive program shorted and replaced the last two weeks of Paper online with information from 2003. The H System eventually came back online, but that didn't deter the JazBox, or the OSX systems from following suit. Each work station I sat in, whether I touched the keyboard or just looked at the screen had a catastrophic meltdown. FX-1 our bread and butter Neg to Plate exchanger blew a hydrolic line. And the bump door "just a lil bump of light to warm up the scum onthe plate for burning"...wouldn't open and fried all the plates. The Frankensteiners radio fritzed and then came back on. I'm glad I don't wear a wrist watch on my junk...I'd be childless for ever. BBzzzzzzz no swimmers?

Half empty you ask...hell no, My fuzzy white ass is off for the weekend. Peace!!!!!!!!