Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ShaggyBob's Self-Help hints of the Moment

When cooking a Delicious DiGiorno, "It's not delivery" rising crust pizza. It is inadvisable to make a phone call at the 20 minute mark should you enjoy the conversations with the personal you are calling. After an extended duration of post recommended baking time the pizza will spontaneously combust. Take into account that flaming pizza isn't that hard to extinguish, it's fairly simple. There are a number of options. A.) give it a shower, B.) spray it in the sink C.) Hoss it out a window, D.) throw it out the nearest 2nd floor sliding glass door into the snow, E.) Suffocate it with tinfoil.

I also wouldn't recommend trying said pizza after it's charring. The pepperoni will taste like burnt coffee. ( you may be asking why in the hell did I try to eat it?) The answer is simple, everyone would. It's not a char thing, it's a waste thing...everyone would at least take a little lick to make sure that they weren't throwing away a viable option for sustinance. Afterall...a little redhot may help it back to life.

Self help hint of the moment. "watch yer pizza ya damn fool, watch it cook"

That is all, move along.

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