Sunday, December 2, 2007

....THAT's IT! I call Super Bullshit

I was correct with one aspect of my Friday last week....Tequila is badnews after working the night shift. Agave and eggs is just as terrible as it sounds, and smells even worse.

The Funtruck is officially set to be poked and prodded by the garage back in G-ville, at least I trust the folks up there. I think the majority of my anger stems from only a few basic points. 1.) I have 6 payments left B.) I was performing an unnecessary make the truck feel good service that ended in a three wheeler. Gamma.) Chances are that it'll be costing me an arm at least possibly a leg as well to fix the damage that the incident caused. 9'er) I can't take a nap and it won't fix itself.

If I can eventually drive the vehicle again, I'll definitely be driving it into the ground. I had considered trading it in, but now with the impending repairs I think it'll put the old guy over the edge and make it pretty damn worthless. 6 payments away.... now, if I buy a new ride, it'll be setting me back to the stone age. "I'd say why me why now? but I know last visit to the dentist I didn't have to have any work done and the cogs and sprockets of the world started to slow, creating massive tidal shifts and tsunamis on the other side of the planet. Paktar the Indian goat herder just had a similar incident and his first ever visit to the dentist was a perfect bill of health (my truck fell apart) stupid goat herders with great teeth.

Friday is the first pagination day for me, so I have to get back to work and finish creating the Officially unofficial gazette handbook for pagination goodness, (I'm going to build a bridge for the next poor schmoe that comes along and is pushed to the edge)

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