Friday, December 21, 2007

ShaggyBob's Self-Help hints of the Moment

The Spears clan are a bunch of whores. Although from the snipits of tabloid garbage I've been exposed to, I find it better that the younger of the two harlets actually still has a man with a real job. Now if; you're an underage young lady and, you decide to engage in the practice of pre-marital sex ( I guess when you marry your cousins at a young age down in the south it don't matter none) make sure that your choice in men comes from the employed variety even if you happen to be a celebritard.

The newest oops was helped along by a 19yr old.....

....wait for it, .......WAIT FOR IT!...... HE LAYS PIPE!!! NO Joke. ZIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiNG! "yup, heeeee's a, pipe-layer"

It's a Pipe Laying / Po-Po-Zow baby batter slingin' good time with the Spears ladies.

Shaggy Bob's Self Help hint of the Moment=> should you choose to hook up with any of the Spears spawn use a prophylactic. For you gentlemen out there that wear a red shiny hockey helmet a prophylactic is not a digestive issue with regard to milk and or milk by-product consumption. "It's a Condom", wrap your: Russell The One-Eyed Wonder Muscle, Gristle Missle, Pumping Pole of Penile Power, Thunder-Donkey, Harry & the Hendersons, Granite Edifice, One-Eyed Fred, Dip Stick, Piss Pump, Meat Wrench, Nightcrawler, Blue-veined Junket Pumper, Love Pump, Richard and the Twins, One Eyed Wonder Weasel, Ralph The Fur Faced Chicken, Tobias the Cheeky Monkey, Johnson, Trouser Snake, Tool, Thrill Drill, Sex Pistol, Pocket Rocket, One Hole Friction Whistle, The Pink Oboe, Purple-Helmeted Warrior, Purple-Helmeted Yogurt Thrower, Trouser Trout, Vlad The Impaler.

It's been a crazy week and my weekend is finally starting, give me a lil bit of a break for that post.

A new Flyer is on the horizon, keep your eyes glued to the screen......... back on Sunday


Kate said...

Tobias, huh?

Shaggy Bob said...

It was a pre-made list I found...I would never name my own wang Tobias