Sunday, December 23, 2007

Most Impressive

I just returned from a great Holiday at the funnyfarm, the Xmas celebration and dinner were quite good. I got to stop in and play a little hide-and-seek with the Lil Mac, ate way too much food, ruined my sleeping habits/ eating schedule, got the frankensteiner back to functional, received a Shiiteton of Canvas and gesso type spoils with which to create unknown/neverseen/completely anonymous masterpieces that will never grace the walls of any gallery space and generally had a stellar weekend. (I also had the opp. to watch some television, that thing is like crack without the itching and random dealer hummers.) I'm just sayin' after three years of not having the cable it may be time to hop on the wagon and fry my brain again, gain some ass fat and eat mass quantities of chips and dip. I returned to the Oasis and had packages waiting at my door from SC, thank you!!!

There's just a few days remaining until the Big Bash...I'll be working right up until I leave after running the Show here at the Gaz on Friday eve/Sat morning, dependant on the the amount of time it takes to screw the pooch... I should be taking to the skies and bringing the Rolling Thunder to Vinnie's place ETA (between 5am and 7am) just in time to wake-n-beer the masses and peer pressure the monkeys into having Bloody Marys. "Bloody Buddy"

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