Monday, December 10, 2007


After posting that I may once again be able to hit the road and have made tentative plans to carry out. I find myself questioning my resolve.

The Funtruck isn't at 100%, the brakes are still al little soft an can't be worked on until I return to G-ville for the holidays.
It's by no means unsafe to drive, and I'm positive that I can stop the beast if need be, but I'm constantly white knuckled and thinking that at any point my tires will all fall off and I'll shower sparks down the highway, flip, roll and that I'll make a grand exedus from the vehicle by way of ninja, landing on my feet involuntarily screaming TAaaa Dah, whilst taking a bow. My plans this weekend will have me traveling through the mountainous regions of VT and NH definitely out of cel service and chances are that the weather won't cooperate. SO I'm torn.

My boys say "just go ahead and do it testosterone monkey", my mind says "what if "!? ( who would have thought that a little technical disuption in the proper working of a vehicle could generate such feelings)

One of my projected stops is kind of blind, I'm not to sure they'll be around, the second stop is on the return, and the third is Lil Mac's B-day celebration. If I should decide that it's not a great option to put the Funtruck out there for potential damage, I'll limit my travels to Togatown and the lil lady. (the choice is weighing on me. I really would like to see the all folks prior to the holiday and spread a bit of ShaggyBob cheer)

As much as I enjoy sitting in around the Oasis all by my lonesome I never have a feeling of accomplishment after such a weekend. Flip flop, flip flop.


Kate said...

Have you considered investing in a really big catapult? I'm sure that if you found a way to launch yourself here, we'd find a way to launch your self back to NY when the time was right.

Shaggy Bob said...

Unfortunately, a catapult relies on technology. As per my week last week, any technological flinging devise I could muster would probably misfire and launch my ass into the sun. Crispy fried ShaggyBob isn't all that tasty unless you drown it in Red Hot and I don't think condiments have mastered space flight. I'll see if I can load up my pockets with redhot packets for the wholeshot.