Friday, December 14, 2007

On the 'Morrow

I'll see you in about 16hrs Miss Kate, Willem and Fam. I'll shoot you a call while enroute to see if you need anything and/or if I run into any unforseen bru-haha.

Jenn, give me ring, let me know what I'll be bringing sat. for dinner and drinks.

Lil Mac, Kristi, and D, I'll see you on Sunday prior to heading in to do my Gazetteering.

Keene NH You don't scare me, and Nor'easters can suck it.


Kristi said...

Be CAREFUL on the roads. If you can't make it Sunday, no problem. Just give us a ring so we don't think your stranded in a snow bank somewhere!

Monstu said...

Is that me in the window?!

Steve said...

haha, I think it is you! Teenwolfin' it from the side...nice!

Shaggy Bob said...

Aaaa -UOoooooooooo, Niliiiii's of Monstuuuuu, (Warren Z music) Aaaaaa- UOooooooo

He was headed to another bar, with a pint glass.... in his hands.... Aaaaa -UOoooooooo