Sunday, December 21, 2008

16inches of snow on Kletus means that instead of making the venture to Toga-town to hang with DK LilMac & Ollie. I'm stuck at the funny farm for one more evening. It has just elapsed the 48hr rule for hanging with the folks and the mind is starting to wonder as to how I may be able to leave once it stops snowing for a late night sojourn back to the Oasis. It's kinda like the years I spent working for the Arts Center, living with the fam, pining to get the "F" out of dodge. I love'em and all, but there's only so much before I start to go bat shiat crazy being cooped up with them.


rivengard said...

Jeebuz! Holy crud, I'm glad I caught up with you right before your birthday! While you aren't my favorite of the Jesuses (that would be the infant baby Jesus, wrapped in swaddling clothes in the manger) you are a close 3rd, right after the crucified Jeebuz.

Man, hit me up. Your blog kicks ass. I miss you. Meh.;

Shaggy Bob said...

Holy Shiiitte, How are ya man? Hope the family and life it treating you well out in LA. I'll kick you an email when I get a chance.