Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wound Up

He's jittery, unfocused, racing...... has no attention span, worries about stuff that shouldn't be bothersome, flighty, missing in action a lot of the time, He's himself and no one can fault him for it. Although when you're running an extensive campaign with a deadline specific time frame, these qualities really aren't that desireable. If it takes 1:15min to tap the mouse three times to change a BW cartoon to a bitmap image which is infinitely more printable given that you're using a flexo printing press... prehaps you may not be in the correct line of work. His name is B rhymes with Phil and I got to work with him the past two evenings, of course given that they aren't my normally scheduled days I was a bit mift that I had to be here anyway. Neurotic man added to my frustration. Not only that but, while he was running around being a space cadet he also had the opportunity to finish up some graphic design projects for Thursday and Friday this coming week. (wouldn't you know it...he left 6 live ads in the stacks untouched, all of which I got to roll into work early today to finish)

Now I'm Jittery, unfocused, racing.........have no attention span, and worry about things that have little or not intrinsic value, trivial shit that can be finished in due time and with minimal effort. I'm heated only because I had to work the weekend and also join the staff here at the Gaz early today. F-that!

"I don't need this kinda abuse from YOU!, I gots thousands of people waiting to abuse me"

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