Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Storm

Ever want to carry a baseball bat in your vehicle for emergency confrontations? Ever think that a putter would make a great whackin stick? Ever have the opportunity to park your vehicle and walk to the first car of a 10 car line at a traffic light to ask if pole position needs a push or a tow? just to realize that they're a shitbag scared to go at a green light. Returning back ten cars to your own again to see that the damn line hasn't moved? A light dusting of snow was floating from the sky, the traffic signals were working spot-on. (insert sarcasm now=>)Hell it wasn't like we were all waiting for el numero uno, to drive out of the turning lane when the green arrow appeared {the electric device not the comic book hero} We weren't in a white out of sno-globe proportions. His car wasn't busted. I got the same feeling that everyone else had. Eventually I merged into an adjacent lane and flipped him the bird as I passed laying on my horn like it was god's buzzer to end this man's run in the final four of life. Kletus has a wimpy horn, but it sure sounded like a fog horn thanks to the semi behind me, he even took the time to swerve a bit toward Asshat Mc NogasPedal.

That was the beginning of my day at 11am. It only got better from there.

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