Monday, December 15, 2008


I mentioned to the Service personel at the dealership that I was in fact just south of happy. While I was on the phone with the guy; whom seemed rather helpful since his jeep had a similar problem, they dispatched a flatbed to my apartment to retrieve the paperweight. The service guy told me to look out my window for the truck and the driver was already getting the chains ready. That was a pleasant suprise.

After looking at the vehicle (It started just fine when they took it off the wrecker, but shorted out when they got it into the garage) my onboard computer seems to have a glitch, that shorted the "go factor" out of the vehicle proper,and melted it to the roadside somewhere between where I lost power and coasted to a stop. They also said it would be ready to pick up tommorrow afternoon. I trust that about as far as I can throw my jeep.

I thought I had gotten away from the car problems when I said goodbye to the frankensteiner. Perhaps it would have been smarter to pocket the 20G's and drive the old truck into the ground.

I can say that it was a great idea to extend the warranty, a free fix is a free fix

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