Saturday, December 27, 2008

Half way through the holding pattern at the office for the vacation monkeys and only 4 days to go before I get me a day off. Tomorrow Boone is rollin to the Oasis and I'm going to rip a few tini's and choke down some sort of lunchtime food prior to rolling back here for a round of plate make'n/photo tone'n/ad design'n tomfoolery.

-Monday morning off to DK LilMac & Ollie's to meet up with the Curns and fam.
-Tuesday Kletus gets an oil change.
-Wednesday is laundry day in prep for the venture to Vinnie Bag'O Donuts' NYE Bash in CT. ETA 1 or 2am NYE goodtimes.

The Manifest Boozery is bringing boots and pencils. (.....and taking names boys and girls, kicking ass AND taking names) Last one awake gets a dropkick.

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