Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cousin Kletus

Kletus is back in my posession. The work took less time than I expected. The service persons that worked on the jeep were more that pleasant when I spoke to them about the eventuality of bringing a flamethrower into their establishment should this clusterf*ck happen again. They've replaced all the fried wires, melted fuses and the computer system complete with upgrades so that the "death stall" (Jeep forum and jeepers who own my model of vehicle have lovingly given it a name) won't occur in the future. I'm glad that Pinto was riding shotgun and I'm also glad that I wasn't in the middle lane of a freeway without the option of rolling to a stop on the shoulder due to lack of steering. Had I been driving 70mph and caught in the stall there would have been no avoiding a possible collision from behind while flatlined in center of the highway.

I've officially seen my "new" vehicle on a flatbed, not once but twice in three days. It brings back fond memories of the Frankensteiner which in its own rite was on a flatbed every 2 or 3 months when and if it wasn't at the shop for some other reason.

The Holiday season is officially not cancelled. I can move toward places of business that will afford me the option of purchasing gifts for my family and friends. Rather than sitting on my couch waiting for the jeep. I'm celebrating the holiday with my family on Saturday and then rolling to Toga on Sunday to wish a Super Stellar Happy B-day to the Lil Mac. Thursday this week is a paycheck received and immediately out the window day for me. Holiday party at the orafice with co-workers and then a quick shot to the north for the fam. I have 6days off until my return to work and will at that point be sitting here at the computer bank until NYE when I make the jaunt to Vinnie Bag O'Donuts' house for a weekend of being a chillin villian.


Kristi said...

Man Bob, that sucks!! Hopefully the fix is permanent.

See you Sunday.

Shaggy Bob said...

That's what I'm hoping. It seems fine now, although I'm in need of an oil change, they forgot to take care of that while it was in the garage. I'll see you guys on Sunday for the Mac's B-day.