Monday, December 8, 2008

Curling Tournament

This weekend promises to be a healthy diversion from the same old some old. On Friday and Saturday I'll be joined at my place by a few old fraternity mutts and we'll venture to the Schenectady Curling Club to partake in the joyess event. Cheering and imbibing in the company of more than enough strangers and a couple of long time friends that will be participating in the Tourney. Toolio's first draw is Friday at 230pm. I'll catch the game then roll to the Oasis to welcome in the Friday night guests Pinto and Conner, hit happyhour and head back to the club to catch Gonzo and few more games in addition to extracurricular activities. Saturday it looks like Vinny and Z may make the journey to the 'Dirt and I'll chill for the morning and early afternooner waiting for their arrival to again make way to the club to get the cheering squad up and running again. Post Saturdays matches I assume that the drinking boots wil have to be laced up tightly and the debauchery begins in earnest.

It's a welcome change to the never ending cycle of waking at 3pm heading to the office and then bedding down again at 7am. I'm hoping that I can rise early enough to get in a few hours of chillin before the regular day begins. I'm not too sure what should be on the menu at this weekend's edition of Bob's Cookin Show. Something tasty no doubt but I think it'll end up being more of an Iron Chef deal when I finally make it to the supermarket. Empty cart and hungry belly always inspire the best in the realm of what to cook for a bunch of famished drunken asshats. "Whatcha making Shaggybob?" "Chips and Dip, a 10lb Ham, coffee grounds, a pancake to split between ya, and an under cooked bottle of Merlot, now get off my bridge."

Just as a reminder:


ONeill said...


You DO know that Gonyeau and I are playing on the same team, right?

Shaggy Bob said...

Now that you mention it... I did seem to think I saw a bright little twinkle in his eye when he mentioned your name. I wouldn't get my hopes up too high though, he gots a girlfriend.

"oh, (I see what you meant there)no I hadn't the foggiest clue" Easier to schedule the debauchery in the long run. Good planning! I'll catch you at 2pm-ish