Monday, December 29, 2008

Shaggybob's Dance of holy moronity

I'm the guy in the corner at the highschool dance making eyes at your date and she wants me more than you. In my head.

Step 1: Give up coffee for a month
Step 1 1/2: Wait an extra day
Step 2: Wake up 5hours prior to your regular wake up time
Step 3: Have 2 cups of coffee
Step 4: travel to DK LilMAc & Ollie's. Hide-n-seek, bounce house, play-dough, and funtimes
Step5: Chillax for hours.
Step 6: Roll to the Parting Glass, eat, drink and be merry. Leave w/ entree' in take out box.
Step 7: Cancel work for an hour
Step 8: Pints
Step 9: Pints
Step 10: Pay tab
Step 11: Next Venue
Step 12: Pints
Step 13: Pints
Step 14: Pints
Step 15: Whiz
Step 16: Cancel Work for another hour
Step 17: Pints
Step 18: Red Bull and 7up
Step 19: Contemplate canceling work for the evening, settle on another hour
Step 20: Red Bull and 7up
Step 21: Say Farewell, stop at Dunkin Donuts and coffee it up
Step 22: Roll to work jittery from redbull and coffee
Step 23: cut self on plate
Step 24: band aide
Step 25: Coffee it up
Step 26: Eat take out from Parting Glass
Step 27: 3 Coffee sludges from vending machine
Step 28: See the matrix
Step 29: ............................... where are my pants?

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