Thursday, December 4, 2008

Next days off

The next few days I have off are comnig in a slow and prodigious manner. Given that I know that I'll be in the office until a week from tommorrow. At that point a few mutts are going to be rolling to the 'Dirt for a Curling Tourney at the Schenectady Curling Club. I plan on opening my door to anyone who may be attending the event and or just plain old going to watch grown people slip and slide around on sheets of ice pushing 40lb perfectly shaped rocks. The bar is cheap, and I plan on hitting a few watering holes prior to attending the event proper to get my curling spirit roused. SWEeeeeeeeeeP, HHhhaaaaaarrrhd, Whoooooaa, Let'er be! Shot "%&$#@*&%" Rock.

Tonight at the old orafice I get to play two. That being Paginator/Editor/Online Outputerer and Plate Making Guru. It's usually a two person job, and sometimes during the holiday season... like, say for instance, NOW, it's a three person gig. I'm going to let out an explosive round of sarcasm here, cover your nose. "I can't wait, I'm looking forward to it, seriously."


O'Neill said...

Hey Bob:

Looking forward to seeing you... I think I'm staying with Gondirt for the weekend. I'll be in Friday morning as our first draw is at 2:30.

Shaggy Bob said...

I'll be around. Probably waking up just about the time you hit the ice.