Sunday, December 28, 2008

Todays Randomness

Today's randomness is brought to you by possibilities, the word videlicet • \vuh-DEH-luh-set\ • adverb : that is to say : namely and the number 8,675,309.

It IS, in fact, possible to put too much garlic and basil on a pasta dish. And I AM, paying for it dearly. Normally I have a goto guy when it comes to making a quick meal. That guy is Stouffer's. They have a multitude of diffferent dishes that can quell the grumbles and, up until this point, seemed to have an exceptable gambit in the realm of taste. I hereby denounce the false avertising and general blah WTF of Stouffers chicken rigitonni basil brick Garlic dump frozen dinner. It may cook in 10minutes for the famished at heart, but I wouldn't wish the overload of garlic and basil on an emaciated african hunting dog that was just ousted from its pack. Letting the poor wretched beast die in the baking savannah to be feasted upon by vultures would be more humane. I'd rather dine on dirty gym socks.

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