Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Self Respecting behaviors

You may have at one point thought that there are many different levels of self respect. I agree, and there are things that I just won't do, or things that, if I forget to do them then I may have a problem with my self respect.

Should you at this point on a whim think that drinking 2 pints of straight up gin sitting on your couch in your boxer shorts, with one ball hanging out, eating chocolate icecream and SlimJims, while wearing a halloween mask is one of those little things that throw me over the edge you would be completely wrong. I don't have problem with that at all, in fact that's what I'm doing when I get back home from the office tonight..... Just to celebrate the Christmas Holiday.

The thing that got me today was a simple interaction at a local Stewarts Shop, I had just purchased some serious munchy food for the long haul here in the Gaz Tech center and was puttering toward the door to head into work. I was a bit late in motivating today so I was in a bit of a hurry and launched out the door toward the Jeep. While throwing myself headlong toward the vehicle I rushed past a lady on the way in. Well, kinda... In my haste to exit I didn't hold the door for the lady and it basically rapped her between the eyes. When I got to the driver seat I thought back those o few seconds ago and kicked myself in the ass for it. (-1) self respect point for not holding the door.

I guess it's the little things, maybe I'll console myself by spreading chocolate icecream on my eyebrows and making chicken noises until my neighbors wake up. Merry Christmas buck.... buck..... buck, buckaaaaaaaAAAAAAK!

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rivengard said...

Dude... I laughed so hard. Don't worry about the door thing... 85 percent probability the woman was a bitch that deserved it... 15 percent chance she would have resented you holding it for her.

Merry Jeebuz day!