Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's Better?

What's better:

A piece of toast with half melted butter or totally melted butter?

An icecream cone or an icecream sundae?

Bath or Shower?

A plate of Sashimi or a Blackened Tuna-steak?

Miniature Golf or a Round of 18?

Tea or Coffee?

A sit down meeting/luncheon with the entire Ad Services Department at a local restaurant for a free meal and a presentation that basically tells you that you will never be in the running for a contest to design spec ads for the company at a substantial prize per ad ( knowing that you've been relegated to reports and outputting as well as editing the paper as a whole instead of what you'd been hired for), the full page ads raking in $40 per, or the 6 martinis you drink with the night-crew after all the friggin mucky mucks leave said establishment washed down with a few beers?

Me: I'll take the latter in every instance. Hapi THrrrrrrsdeeee evra bodeh! (hic)

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