Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just a thought


Any of you rich engineering types that I know out on yonder intarwebb want to open a fuckin resturaunt. Because I'm not going to lie....a place like this in Boston or the Greater Capital Region / Saratoga Springs NY would make a killing. I know, I know you're asking yourself "who could we possibly get that can cook grilled cheese and sling beers at patrons?" Think a little harder, just a bit harder... there it's easy isn't it, EVERYBODY!

I'm willnig to throw my entire life saving behind just such a business venture, which means that we're already $4.57 on our way. That's a loaf of bread, a spool of goat cheese and a stick of butter already rarin to go.

If only it could happen and then transplant itself to the physical structure of the Rondevous Resturaunt in San Pedro... life would get a bunch sunnier. I'd even forgoe the hotdog cart if a dog /w frisbee were included to sweet'in the deal.

I'm just sayin


O'Neill said...

I wish I had the money. I probably wouldn't live long enough to enjoy the profits from the investment though after eating all that food.

Nili said...

In case you haven't seen it,


Now that's a franchise to buy!!

Shaggy Bob said...

Those burgers look like a greasy tasty buzzkill, a heart murmur of biublical yummy goodne.......Arrrlllghhhhhhhmmmmmmm.

Where do you order th nurse to push your whell chair is the first question on my mind though. : )

Lints 492 said...

The Heart Attack Grill is literally down the street from my former employer. I liked taking customers there for lunch.