Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Year

I can't quite say that another year just went down the terlet, but I really didn't accomplish much in 2008. I had the opportunity to celebrate weddings with freinds and family. Made it to many different venues to golf it up in my disdainfully pathetic way. Rocked a few gatherings at the Oasis and around New England. I welcomed a new bio nephew "Tanis", and a new nephew via DK Lil Mac & "Ollie".

Tonight I get to sit at the office while a party rages 1:45min away until I get the green light to hit the road. It'll be a perfect send off to ring in the new one albeit a few hours late when I arrive.

Then the bullshit resolutions rear their ugly heads on the 'morrow. I haven't exactly sat down to contemplate what I may be interested in sacrificing, or doing to better my existance on the planet but there are a few things I have in mind.

So I fester at the office, ready to pick up the slack of my life starting at 1am or 1:30, or 2am, or............

Happy New Year to all. I hope and trust that you'll all be spending the evening with family and friends. Monstu I'll give you a call when the New Year hits the Left Coast.

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